Bulla bungee lead (pre-order new colours)

€27.50 - €37.50
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Expected release date is 30th Jan 2021

The Bulla bungee leash 

The Bulla bungee leash is an excellent tool for any active dog owner.

It reduces strain on both you and your dog. The rubber on this bungee makes it suitable for canicross, skijoring, scootering and bikejoring.

The Bulla bungee Leash comes with a Twistlock carabiner, which locks itself so that you can be confident that your dog will not get loose. The carabiner rotates on a swivel, so the leash does not spin up.

Available for pre-order in a selection of sizes and colours:

Length                   (unstretched)     (stretched)      

Parkrun line                   1.1m                1.45m

Canicross line                 1.5m                 2m (also available in 2 dog option)

Bike/scooter line             2m                    2.7m (also available in 2 dog option)


Colours available for pre-order (due in stock end of January):