Dragrattan X-Back Harness

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Dragrattans’ most common sold harness. This is a strong fully padded harness made
for working dogs. It is strong and has a nice form. It stays in place. Designed for
strong dogs, pulling with a low point of attachment i.e bike, scooter, rigs & sleds

Size Dogs' weight Neck circumference
0 10-14kgs 40cm
1 15-17kgs 42cm
2 18-21kgs 44cm
3 20-23kgs 46cm
4 23-27kgs 48cm
5 26-30kgs 50cm
6 29-33kgs 52cm
7  32-36kgs 54cm
8 36-40kgs 56cm
9 40-44kgs 58cm

If you need more advice about sizes, please feel free to contact us. We offer a free equipment fitting service in Dublin.