Non-Stop Line harness canicross kit

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This canicross kit is the perfect option for dogs who are not strong pullers and like to trot along

This kit contains:

- Non-stop line harness
- Non-stop touring bungee lead
- Non-stop running belt

RUNNING BELT:The running belt was developed with the best athletes in canicross for running and racing. Its unique construction features maximum safety for your back, which also helps to maintain good running style. This is important for your health as well as your performance.

Manufactured in accordance with the guidelines for professional racing.

Integrated pocket on the back.

Available in two sizes: Adult and junior



Non-stop dogwear Touring Bungee works well for running, hiking, skiing and biking. The elastic part is mounted to avoid too much movement in the bungee. The rest of the bungee is static to give you extra control of the dog. The Touring Bungee has an integrated reflective stripe. The Touring Bungee comes in two widths. The 13mm comes with a lighter aluminium wiregate carabiner, while the 23mm comes with a twist-lock carabiner. Both carabiners have a 300kg rating with durable posyester webbing.



This comfortable harness is ergonomically designed to give the dog's shoulders unrestricted movement. The harness is adjustable around the chest. After the initial adjustment is made, it secures with two buckles, making it easy to take on and off.

This harness is available in four colors; orange, blue, purple, and black. Stripes with a 3M reflective material make the dog visible from all angles when it is dark.

Your dog's wellbeing is our prerequisite when carefully designing every harness at Non-stop dogwear. Ergonomic design requires attention to detail. We always construct the inner lining so that all materials overlap without any hard edges. Every seam has its smooth side towards the dog's body, all to make sure the harness does not chafe the dog. All our harnesses have integrated 3M reflective materials for the dog's security. This anatomical design approach with freedom of movement and comfortable breathing is our trade. Line Harness has Hypalon reinforcements on stressed joints.


Sizes (see picture for measuring guidelines):


1                 20 - 26cm                       Chihuahua

2                 26 - 29cm                       Jack Russell Terrier

3                 29 - 31cm                       Miniature Schnauzer

4                 31 - 34 cm                      Cocker Spaniel

5                 34 - 41cm                       Border Collie

6                 41 - 48cm                       English Setter

7                 48 - 52cm                       Malinois

8                 52 - 58cm                       Rottweiler

9                 58 - 64cm                       Bernese Mountain Dog


*If your dog is a particularly deep-chested or a muscular breed you may need to go up a size to accommodate this. We offer a free equipment fitting service in Dublin