Non-Stop Solid Bootie

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The solid bootie has an elastic velcro that assures a perfect fit on any dog. It is ideal for workouts on dryland and gravel. The inner lining is soft nylon, while the outer shell is a durable 1000 D tightly woven nylon.

Socks do get worn, but Solid Bootie is long-lasting.


*Sold in packs of 4 booties

SIZE GUIDELINES (see picture for measuring guidelines):

Size:                        Width:                                  Height:

XS                            4 - 4.99cm                              11cm

S                              5 - 5.99cm                              14cm

M                              6 - 6.99cm                              17cm

L                              7 - 7.99cm                               19cm

XL                            8 - 9cm                                   22cm