Non-Stop Ultra Harness

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The harness is well suited for puppies and muscular dogs because it is adjustable around both the neck and chest. The Ultra Harness is made in durable materials and has Hypalon reinforcement on stressed areas. The innovative and breathable VentriX material makes this harness comfortable to wear, especially when it is warm.

The harness has many uses, with three leash connection points. In addition to the back-attachment point, there is a loop for attaching a tracking line on the chest. There is a third attachment loop in front of the chest that serves as a mild anti-pull control. This harness also has a handle.


SIZE GUIDELINES (see picture for measuring guidelines):

Size:                  Chest Circumference:                     Neck circumference:

XS                          40 - 46cm                                  27 - 38cm

S                            46 - 62cm                                  36 - 45cm

M                            60 - 82cm                                 43 - 56cm

L                             75 - 90cm                                 53 - 75cm

XL                           80 - 104cm                               66 - 88cm