Polar Quest X-Back Harness

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X-Back Harness designed to fit Nordic and Shepherd breed body types.

Available in 9 sizes to perfectly adapt the build of dogs weighing 14 to 42kg.

Light, flexible and ergonomic, the Polar Quest harness is designed for users looking for high performances:

  • double chest strap for optimal load distribution
  • designed with soft padding where webbing intersect for maximum comfort
  • made from hi-tech water-repellant materials to withstand all weather conditions, even the most extreme

It is suitable for all weight-pulling sports: dog sledding, Canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, scootering, etc.


Size Half Shoulder Blade size Dog weight Example of breeds
  (in cm) (standard measurements) (as a guideline only)
XS 22-23 14-17kg Female Border Collie, Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel
S 23-24 17-20kg Male Border Collie, Australian Shepherd
M 24-25 20-22kg Female Husky, Australian Shepherd, female Samoyed
M/L 25-26 22-25kg Husky, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, female Malinois, Labrador
L 26-27 25-28kg Male Husky, male Samoyed, Malinois, Golden Retriever, female Malamute, female Greenland
L/XL 27-28 28-31kg Large Husky, Malamute, Greenland, Malinois
XL 29-30 31-34kg Malamute, German Shepherd, White Swiss Shepherd, Male Greenland
XXL 31-33 34-38kg Malamute, German Shepherd, White Swiss Shepherd
XXXL 32-34 38-42kg Large Shepherds, Molossers

* To get the half shoulder size, measure from the withers on top of the neck to the sternum. 

If you need more advice about sizes, please feel free to contact us. We offer a free equipment fitting service in Dublin.