Posted by Pawsitive Fitness on 13th May 2021

Canicross classes

In the famous words of the Backstreet Boys - "Oh my god, we're back again"!!!

Our Saturday morning canicross classes will be starting back on Saturday 27th November in the Phoenix Park. We will also be offering some mid-week evening classes too.

Classes will vary each week, covering different aspects of training in each class. These will vary from technical trails, hillwork, speed, endurance and much more. The location will also vary within the Phoenix Park from week to week, depending on what we will be covering during the class.

Classes are suitable for all, from beginners to more advanced.

*Please note that canicross equipment (canicross belt, bungee lead and suitable Y-Shaped harness) is required for each class. Equipment can be purchased or borrowed from us.

You will have the option of buying a single ticket for one class, or a 4 class pass at a slightly discounted price. 

*Pre-booking is essential for all classes.

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