Fastdog Dog Recovery Biscuits

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Dog Recovery Biscuits

The biscuits contain a carefully measured combination of ingredients for optimal recovery of the muscle after intensive exercise.

The biscuits are handmade and easily usable for all healthy dogs that are engaged in intensive exercise during training and competition. Sports like canicross, bikejoring, dog scooter, sprint mushing, agility, fly ball, tracking and hunting dogs.

Dose: give 1 biscuit for each 10kg of dog within 30 minutes after an intensive exercise for optimal effect.

Feeding guidelines:

kg dog Biscuits
10 kg 1
20 kg 2
30 kg 3
40 kg 4

Next to the biscuits it is important that your dog always has sufficient fresh drinking water

A box contains 20 biscuits

Keep cool and dry

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, cornflower, whey protein, corn gluten, rice flower, dextrose, water, egg, salmon oil, multivitamin and astaxanthin