Inlandsis Traction Carabiner

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The Traction carabiner is designed to secure the connection between the draft line and the vehicle (sled, kart, quad ...) in coupling.

The automatic Twistlock locking guarantees total safety: no more carabiners not locked by forgetting or unlocked due to vibrations!

Key features :
Twistlock automatic locking
high strength aluminum alloy / high breaking load of 28 kN
oval shape optimized for hitch
total length 11cm, opening 28mm, weight 85g
for more than 12 dogs, we advise you to put 2 Traction carabiners in parallel in order to distribute the load.

Important: equipment subjected to high stress must be inspected regularly, ideally on each trip, in order to detect any wear, deformation, cracks, etc. that could reduce its strength. When in doubt, do not take unnecessary risks and renew your equipment.