Kronch Pemmikan

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A high energy supplementary feed, Kronch Pemmikan is comprised of the essential levels of fat, protein and glucose to provide almost instant usable energy in dogs.  It has also proved successful in overcoming and preventing the effects of hypoglycemia in dogs worked under extreme conditions.

Kronch Pemmikan allows you to give your dog large amounts of easily digestible energy from a small volume of feed, without overfilling the dog’s stomach and has proved useful in helping dogs recover from bouts of illness and operations.

It is also very good in building up bitches after a litter of puppies.

Suitable for hunting dogs and guard dogs, Kronch Pemmikan fills your dog with energy and allows them to perform at a constant high level all day long, especially in the cold spring and winter months.  Kronch Pemmikan also makes your dog more alert, counteracts stress at exhibitions and in similar situations involving long waits, making your dog easier to manage.

The effect of Kronch Pemmikan sets in after about half an hour and reaches its peak after about an hour and a half, because of this, it may be advantageous to divide the daily ration into many smaller portions.  Doing so allows your dog to perform at its best all day long.

Kronch Pemmikan is suitable for lactating females, that produce too little milk for their young as it can help increase their milk production, and removes the need to bottle feed their puppies later on.  Kronch Pemmikan also prevents weight loss in lactating females.  The lactating female is fed from half a piece to 4 pieces of 50g on a daily basis.  The amount fed depends on the dog’s breed, size, and the number of puppies it has.

100 to 200 grams per day (depending on the dog’s weight and activity level before lunch) is fed to highly active working dogs, such as show dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs, sled dogs, police dogs, and dogs entered in competitions.  The daily ration is divided into 3 parts: morning, midday, and evening. It is recommended not to feed the female too many and/or too large portions, as doing so may lead to the female getting loose stools.

Kronch Pemmikan – Development

Kronch Pemmikan was developed in cooperation with the Sirius Patrol.

The Sirius Patrol was in need of a highly concentrated yet compact source for energy to feed their sledge dogs when on patrol in arctic Greenland.  Many hunters and dog sports people have tested Kronch Pemmikan as an energy supplement in a number of situations. It was found that the dog’s level of performance remained high all day long in demanding and/or stressful situations, such as on hunts, at exhibitions, and during tests.
Kronch Pemmikan was part of the feeding program on the Sirius Expedition in 2000 and is now used with great success in Flyball, Agility, Herding, Cani-sports, Racing and working, field trialling.

Kronch Pemmikan – Prevention of Hypoglycemia in Hunting Dogs

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugars) is normally a syndrome that occurred with puppies or young dogs and may be induced by stress, travel, new home etc and looked a little if you can imagine like a stroke so no real life, very weak, open-mouthed shivers normally in the face area.

It is basically like the human version a critical drop in blood sugar to the brain meaning seizures occur and eventually the pup, untreated would slip into a coma. No real early signs in a pup but generally due to not eating, travel or over playing with another dog or toy for example. They can also be triggered by enteritis when body levels, of course, become depleted.

In hunting or working dogs the condition is different in that it is triggered by excess workload and inadequate feeding or fuel to last the day.

Hypoglycemia in hunting / working dogs develops when the dog’s blood glucose levels go under 50.  Blood glucose is the most important energy source, and in hunting / working dogs the dog’s brain will become deprived from it. The difficulty seems to occur when the dog‘s body is unable to convert glycogen to glucose in a timely matter to satisfy the dog’s energy needs.  In simple terms we ask the dog to work beyond the levels it can convert adequate amounts of glucose.  Most dogs will appear to be disoriented and act like something is not right hence people have reported the dog looking drunk, staggering, confused etc.  Others may have a full course of seizures laying on the ground, panting furiously and glazed eyes that will leave them very exhausted.  Coma and death are not that common but it can occur in severe cases without treatment as well as cases of brain damage can occur.  Luckily, the condition can easily be treated and corrected.  Treatment consists of providing the dogs with the glucose manually that they are not producing fast enough or normally have run out of fuel to convert.

This can be accomplished by providing the glucose orally as fast as possible.  Most dogs recover rapidly after rubbing some honey or glucose, syrup etc on their gums and this needs to be rubbed all around the mouth.  Be wary that some confused dogs may snap or bite. They do not need to actually swallow it, their gums will absorb the glucose promptly straight into the bloodstream.

Kronch Pemmikan – What Is Hypoglycemia?

The blood glucose crisis is a scary experience for both dog and owner, so handlers should take measures to prevent this from happening again. Stopping the dog every now, rest, leaving a drive out and then and offering some high energy food may help prevent this disorder from happening. Pemmican has been designed for this although all will have different options.  Pemmikan delivers warmth, energy and glucose and is tested in harsh conditions from Alaska to the Grouse moor.  As the season progresses the dogs will, of course, get fitter and the less likelihood of an attack but understanding the early signs are important like laying in water, not being able to drink due to excessive panting and of course the familiar staggered walk. A good diet, of course, will help and working dogs generally operate better when they are no more than 10 percentage points between protein and fat with protein being between 20 and 25%.

In a study of 12 hypoglycemic history dogs with Edinburgh University Veterinary Dept. on the grouse moor, Pemmikan stopped any recurrence of the condition.

Extremes of hot and cold compound the condition and any dog will become susceptible if overworked which they do to please you.

Kronch Pemmikan – Ingredients

Lard, vegetable fat, fish meal, dextrose, corn, barley, brewer’s yeast and garlic. Kronch Pemmikan contains 24% protein and 59% fat.

Kronch Pemmikan – Nutritional content per 100g

  • Energy 2485 kJ/600 kcal
  • Crude protein 24 g
  • Crude fat 59 g
  • Crude fibre 0,5 g
  • Crude ash 6,8 g
  • Water 4,1 g

Kronch Pemmikan – Additives per 100g

  • Calcium (Ca) 1,5 g
  • Sodium (Na) 0,3 g
  • Phosphorus (P) 1,0 g
  • Magnesium (Mg) 0,2 g
  • Potassium (K) 0,5 g
  • Iron (Fe) 0,1 mg
  • Zink (Zn) 22,5 mg
  • Copper (Cu) 1,0 mg
  • Manganese (Mn) 6,7 mg
  • Iodine (I) 0,5 mg
  • Cobalt (Co) 0,0 mg
  • Selenium (Se) 0,8 mg