Non-Stop Nansen Nome Harness

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The Nansen Nome Harness is of exceptional quality. The harness has ample padding, making it comfortable for the dog during pull action. A wide chest pin provides a good fit for the dog, ensuring the optimal use of power exerted during pull. The rear piece is unique in the way that it automatically balances the pull point for dogs who work diagonally. A reflective band makes the harness visible in the dark.

The harness is optimal for pull when used in combination with a low pull point. Some of the best dog mushers in the world rely on our Nansen Nome harness for their dogs.

For the absolute perfect fit, this harness is available in whole and half sizes. The half size harness have the same length as the whole size, but the neck opening are bigger (same as the size above). In other words- the half size harness generally fits dogs with slightly shorter backs or slightly wider neck

SIZE                   NECK SIZE          BACK LENGTH   WEIGHT

4                        38cm                   52cm               14-18kg

4.5                     40cm                   52cm               14-19kg

5                        40cm                   54cm               18-20kg

5.5                     42cm                   54cm               18-21kg

6                        42cm                   56cm               20-23kg

6.5                     44cm                   56cm               20-24kg

7                        44cm                   59cm               23-26kg

7.5                     46cm                   59cm               23-27kg

8                        46cm                   62cm               26-29kg

8.5                     48cm                   62cm               26-29kg

9                        48cm                   66cm               29-35kg

9.5                     50cm                   66cm               29-36kg

10                      52cm                   71cm               35-40kg

10.5                   54cm                   71cm               35-43kg

Find the right size by measuring your dogs neck as shown in the picture. if you need more advice about sizes, please feel free to contact me. I offer an equipment fitting service in Dublin.