Non-Stop safe collar

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The Safe collar was developed for dogs who are often running loose outdoors. If the collar gets snagged to an obstacle, the unique design with a bungee component makes it easier for the dog to get free. In this event, you might lose the collar, but not your dog! This feature also makes it a suitable collar for dogs to wear in the house too.
With the hi-vis orange color and the double 3M reflective stripes, your dog will stay visible at a distance
The Safe collar comes with an easy access rubber name tag. The leash can be attached to both D-rings, ensuring that the collar is locked and performs as a regular, static collar. This is our collar of choice for our dogs.

Size                  Neck circumference

30                          24 - 28 cm

35                          28 - 33 cm

40                          33 - 38 cm 

45                          38 - 43 cm

50                          43 - 48 cm

55                          48 - 53cm

60                          53 - 58 cm

65                          58 - 63 cm