The Cani-Fit Guide to Canicross

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Canicross: more than just a run with your dog

It’s here, folks – the ultimate guide to canicross has arrived!

Written by three times British National Canicross Champion and Cani-Fit founder, Lindsay Johnson, and covering all aspects of canicross, from kit and commands through to hydration, getting stronger and going faster, and how to keep training fun, ‘The Cani-Fit Guide to Canicross’ is the ultimate canicross bible.


How to get started in the sport
Improving your canicross ability and team performance
Taking care of your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing
Training youngsters and older dogs
Taking part in canicross with a dog with special needs
and much, much more.

Whether you’re a beginner or a podium contender, in The Cani-Fit Guide to Canicross, you will find answers to all of the important canicross questions, learn all you need to know to get started, improve and achieve in the sport of canicross, learn how to structure your training for success, and discover the keys to peak performance in the sport.

Learn how to work with your dog as a team. Get stronger. Get faster. Get better!

Are you ready to take your canicross training to the next level? Order your copy of The Cani-Fit Guide to Canicross today!

Lindsay Johnson is a three time British National Canicross Champion. She has represented Team GB at European and World Championship level. Lindsay is the founder of Cani-Fit, the original human and dog fitness training company.