Inlandsis Armor Bootie

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The Inlandsis Armor booties are based on our exclusive extremely resistant fabric which gives these boots a lifespan 6 to 8 times that of classic Cordura 1000 ankle boots, for a slightly higher thickness.
Thanks to the elastic velcro tightening they hold perfectly in place. They do not bother the dog and allow him to feel the ground while providing him effective protection.
Ideal for hitching and for dynamic activities on aggressive terrain: dirt, icy snow, stony, stabilized paths, etc.


  • the more dynamic the activity, the more the velcro must be tightened. For very dynamic activities (driving, free running) do not hesitate to tighten very hard then think about removing them as soon as the activity is over
  • these boots are to be considered as consumable. Their lifespan may vary depending on the size of the dog, the activity and the terrain. We recommend that you cut your dog's claws to optimize their lifespan.

Key features :

  • flexible and extremely resistant material
  • hold perfectly in place without hampering blood circulation thanks to the stretch velcro tightening
  • water-repellent, they protect against splashing water but not heavy rains
  • the color of the velcro is different for each size for quick identification.


*Booties are sold individually



  1. Have your dog stand on a flat surface
  2. Place a piece of paper under the paw to be measured
  3. Lift the opposite leg so your dog is bearing weight on the paw to be measured
  4. Mark the paper on each side of the widest part of the foot
  5. Repeat the process for the rear paws as they are often narrower

NOTE: The size of the paws does not necessarily correlate with the size of the dog as shown in the chart below. The weights given in the chart are indicative


Size Paw size Dog weight
S 4 to 5.5 cm 7 – 15 kg
M 5 to 6.5 cm 15 – 25 kg
L 6 to 8 cm 20 – 35 kg
XL 8 to 9.5 cm 30 – 45 kg