Non-Stop freemotion harness LTD

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Through more than a decade the Freemotion harness has been the first choice for dog powered sports, such as canicross, bikejoring and skijoring. Functionality is first priority, but as you wanted more color options, we decided to launch a new color in a limited amount. We chose the three brightest colors on our palette to make sure you’ll stand out from the crowd.

The Freemotion harness 5.0 LTD is an adjustable pulling harness developed for activities such as running, biking and skiing with dogs.

The classic Y-shaped front allows free shoulder movement and minimal breathing constraints. The Freemotion harness 5.0 LTD has a padded neck opening for optimum stability and support. The pull force is evenly distributed over your dog’s body without putting pressure on their spine. When leaning into the harness, the power of each stride is utilized to the maximum, turning running together into a whole new experience for both you and your dog.

The Freemotion harness 5.0 LTD comes in a wide range of sizes and is adjustable to fit most dogs.

Please note that the colors might bleed and leave temporary marks on your dog’s coat.

Size 3  4  5  6  7  8  9 
Weight 180 g 298 g 319 g 378 g 382 g 394 g 416 g
Chest strap, length 20 cm 21.5 cm 21.5 cm 23 cm 24.5 cm 24.5 cm 26 cm
Chest strap, width 5.5 cm 6 cm 6 cm 6 cm 6.5 cm 6.5 cm 6.5 cm
Neck opening 37 cm 41 cm 46 cm 50 cm 54 cm 60 cm 64 cm