Non-Stop Freemotion Harness

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The Freemotion harness is the ideal harness for those who want to use their dog for various pulling activities with a high pulling point, like cycling, walking, skiing and running.

Due to its adjustability, this harness will fit most dogs. With the Freemotion harness, your dog will be able to release his true potential without restrictions on his motions or respiration.

The Freemotion Harness was developed by high ranking dog drivers at international level and are tough, extremely well field tested and refined.

It utilizes the dog’s anatomy to increase performance by:

~ Keeping the airways free

~ Utilizing the correct pulling points

~ Being adjustable to each dog

This harness comes in seven sizes. Each size is easily recognized by its color strap on the back. Find right size by placing measuring your dogs neck as shown in the picture. If you need more advice about sizes, please feel free to contact me. I offer an equipment fitting service in Dublin.

Sizes (see picture for measuring guidelines):


2                        32cm                     26-31cm                  Jack Russell Terrier

3                        35cm                     28-33cm                  Miniature Schnauzer 

4                        40cm                     33-36cm                  Cocker Spaniel

5                        44cm                     36-40cm                  Border Collie

6                        48cm                     40-44cm                  English Pointer 

7                        52cm                     44-48cm                  German Pointer

8                        56cm                     48-52cm                  Big German Pointer 

9                        60cm                     52-56cm                  German Shepherd 

10                      72cm                     56-64cm                  Newfoundland/Great Dane


If you need more advice about sizes, please feel free to contact us. We offer a free equipment fitting service in Dublin.