Non-Stop Long Distance Bootie

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The long distance booties are super light and give the dog a firm grip on winter surfaces. Elastic velcro ensures the bootie fits any dog paw. The baggy sock provides the claws with space to move naturally.

We use tightly woven nylon on our paw socks. The socks protect dog paws from abrasion and will also work on dryland. Long Distance Bootie is durable on snow, but like all footwear, they get worn.

* Available in red or blue, pack of 4 booties.

SIZE GUIDELINES (see picture for measuring guidelines):

Size:                     Width:                            Height:

XXXS                      4.5cm                             7cm

XXS                        5.5cm                             8.5cm

XS                          7cm                                10cm

S                            8cm                                12cm

M                           9cm                                 13cm

L                            10cm                               14cm

XL                          11cm                               15cm