Inlandsis Blizzard Beast Harness V2

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The Blizzard Beast V2 was developed according to 2 axes: maximizing stability without hindering freedom of movement.

It is intended for racing dogs like Eurohounds/ESD, GSPs, Greysters, racy Huskys and will generally suit fine and athletic dogs.

Key features:

  • Outstanding stability and power transfer thanks to the enveloping shape and pre-formed rib cage support: the dog is wedged and can lean firmly in the harness, in the axis but also laterally
  • Neck shape designed for maximum throat and airway clearance
  • Interscapular support and neck circumference designed to free the shoulders: maximum freedom of movement
  • Hexaline fabric resists abrasion and offers a neat aesthetic
  • Internal fabric soft for the skin and hair
  • Reassuring: the dog cannot get out of the harness without help. Useful for fearful and/or excited dogs
  • Reflective strips along the entire length of the harness
  • Can be soaked in water to cool the dog if the temperature requires it.

Note: the Blizzard Beast harness is very enveloping and close to the body, which makes it more difficult to remove than a traditional x-back harness. To remove it, we advise you to pull it up as close as possible to the dog's withers before passing the front legs. After a few trainings both dog and master have generally understood the trick!


Available in 7 sizes for dogs from 18 to 39 Kg


Size Neck circumference
    (generally seen)
S 37-39 cm
18-21 Kg
M 38-40 cm
21-24 Kg
L 39-41 cm
24-27 Kg
L/XL 40-42 cm
27-30 Kg
XL 41-43 cm
30-33 Kg
XXL 42-44 cm
33-36 Kg
XXXL 43-45 cm
36-40 Kg
  • A properly sized x-back harness should fit snugly at the neck and extend to the base of the tail when you exert a medium-hard pull on the rope at the back of the harness (it is normal for the harness to float on the dog if you do not exert traction).