Inlandsis Polar Evo Harness

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Derived from our very popular Polar Quest harness, the Polar Evo harness takes the same design with a few new features:

  • length adjustment, allowing it to be adapted to dogs with particular morphology for instance very slender or on the contrary very compact dogs
  • Hexaline fabric offering great resistance to abrasion and snagging while remaining flexible and soft on the hair

Flexible and ergonomic, the Polar Evo harness is designed for practitioners looking for performance:

  • sternal distributor for optimal positioning of the harness when pulling
  • design without hard points at the crossings of the straps for maximum comfort
  • hydrophobic technical materials to withstand all weather conditions, even the most extreme

The Polar EVO harness is suitable for all mushing sports: canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, dog-scooter.

Tip: the Polar Evo harness comes with very long rear straps to allow the greatest possible adjustment range. We advise you to cut them leaving an excess of 10 to 15cm.



Size Half-shoulder Dog's weight (generally observed) Examples of breeds
XS 22-23 14-20 Kg Border Collie
S 23-24 17-23 Kg Border, Australian Shepherd
M 24-25 20-26 Kg Border, Australian Shepherd, Husky, GSP
L 26-27 25-32 Kg Malinois, Husky, GSP
XL 29-30 32-37 Kg German/Swiss Shepherd, GSP
XXL 31-33 35-45 Kg German/Swiss Shepherd

*Currently only available in blue