Oralade Active

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Oralade, the UK’s number one oral rehydration support, has announced the extension of its range with the introduction of Oralade Active, available in three flavours – chicken, duck, and vegetable. Launching this month, Active will take over from Hydrate+.

Oralade Active is geared towards our four-legged friends with a more active lifestyle – be that search and rescue dogs, competitive agility sport dogs, or those that enjoy hikes and jogs with their owners.

Similar to other products within the Oralade range, Active underpins the importance of rehydration support for our pets. Studies have shown that in human dehydration, as low as 2% can result in cognitive impairment and fatigue, yet in dogs and cats, dehydration of up to 5% is often imperceptible from clinical exam alone.

Oralade Active can therefore be used pre and post activity to decrease the likelihood of dehydration. Supporting the needs of our active dogs, Oralade Active goes one step further, featuring higher carbohydrates for increased energy and L-carnitine to aid muscle recovery.

Oralade are committed to providing pet owners with first-rate rehydration support which is why we continually look at new ways to innovate and develop our product offering.

Oralade Active is a convenient, easy to carry 250ml bottle that contains a unique isotonic formula geared towards the rapid replenishment of essential fluids and electrolytes in our pets’ bodies. Available in three flavours, the range also offers pet owners with great variety depending on their pet’s preferences – all made with 100% natural ingredients.

Unlike many other rehydration products on the market, Oralade’s range is available in ready to pour formulations and therefore does not contain any citrates or preservatives which may impact the palatability of the product for the pet. In addition, our products are also made with purified water, removing the issue of chlorine which can also affect taste for pets. 

* Currently only available in chicken flavour. Duck & vegetable will be in stock soon.