Oralade Advanced GI+

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Oralade® GI+ is a highly palatable, ready to serve, natural roast chicken flavour ORS (Oral Rehydration Support) for dogs, which enables a balanced uptake of water, essential electrolytes & simple sugars.
Designed to provide fast, effective hydration in harmony with the body’s natural requirements, with easily digestible prebiotic fibres & functional amino acids to provide vital gut support.
Containing zero fat and only 1% protein, Oralade GI+ requires no digestion, is easily absorbed & is safe for use during all life stages.
While moderate to severe dehydration is easy to identify, mild cases can be harder to spot & can result in clinic consequences for pets.
Dehydration can occur in many different scenarios 
-         Diarrhoea / tummy upset
-         Car journey / air travel
-         Post operative recovery
-         Whelping and weaning
-         Heatstroke / Hypothermia
-         Senior / end of life support
Triple Function
As simple and easy as 1,2,3…
1.      Pre-hydration
2.      Rehydration
3.      Microenteral GI Support
Why Oralade? 
? 100% natural chicken flavour, making it ideal for use in all carnivorous species
? Free from citrates and artificial preservatives that can affect  palatability
? Made with purified water, Oralade is chlorine-free which enhances palatability
? Isotonic formula for rapid absorption and rehydration
? Available in ready-to-serve and concentrate formulations
? Hypoallergenic – hydrolysed chicken protein
? 3 years shelf life from manufacture
? Can be microwaved to increase palatability even more
? Can be frozen – don’t waste a drop!
? 100% satisfaction guarantee
Size: Available as single 500ml bottle or box of 6 x 500ml bottles