Oralade Advanced RF+

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Oral Rehydration Support for cats

With a zero phosphorus isotonic formula, and a delicious 100% natural chicken flavour to encourage fluid uptake, Oralade RF+ is the perfect solution for maintaining optimal hydration whilst also supporting normal kidney and urinary function.

Water is Vital for Life

Cats with kidney disease are more prone to dehydration, due to both fluid losses and reduced fluid intake. Even mild dehydration can impact their health, so it is important that you proactively help your cat with renal disease manage their hydration status.

Total body water makes up approximately 60-65% of an adult animal’s body

Cats cannot produce enough water themselves or get it from the intake of food alone, so therefore need to drink water to meet their body’s needs

Even mild dehydration can affect brain function.


Triple Function
As simple and easy as 1,2,3…

PREHYDRATION – Maintain health and vitality

Use proactively to maintain hydration in your cat, helping to support normal urinary and kidney functions.

Oralade® RF+’s scientifically formulated isotonic solution supports optimal absorption of fluids and electrolytes in perfect harmony with your cat’s natural requirements.

REHYDRATION – Correct fluid and electrolyte balance

Oralade® RF+ has the ideal ratio of electrolytes and glucose to utilise natural body processes that ensure rapid and optimal absorption of water, while having zero phosphorus levels to protect kidney function.


Oralade® RF+ is highly palatable with zero phosphorus and calcium levels making it easy to encourage fluid uptake and maintain hydration in your cat to support renal and urinary functions.

Unique formulation containing essential amino acids that are necessary for your cats eye, heart, nerve and immune system health whilst supporting the gastrointestinal cells. Prebiotics also encourage good bacteria, so your cat’s GI system continues to function well, even if they aren’t eating.


Composition: Purified Water, Dextrose Monohydrate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Monosodium Phosphate, Chicken Liver Hydrolysate, Vegetable Oils and Fats Free from Citrates or Preservatives

Additives per kg: Sensory Additives: Glycine 4.500 mg, Monosodium Glutamate 2.500mg, Technological Additive: Gelling Agent: Xanthan Gum 2.000mg, Nutritional Additives: Lysine 1.500mg, Arginine 1.500mg, Taurine 800mg, L-Carnitine 100mg

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 1.0%, Crude Fat 0.4%, Crude Fibre 0.1%, Moisture 98%, Ash 0.3%, Potassium 0.04%, Sodium 0.1%, Chloride 0.16%, Calcium 0.005%, Phosphorus 0.003%, 12kcal/100ml

Storage: Store in cool dry conditions, keep out of direct sunlight. Once opened, refrigerate, and use within 3 days or freeze and use within 12 months.

Size: Available in single 500ml bottles, or box of 6 x 500ml bottles


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    Cats new favourite treat!!

    Posted by Emeline Callan on 9th Jun 2023

    I got this to try with my CKD cat. He gets dehydrated quickly and it’s important to keep levels of fluid up with kidney disease. He absolutely loves this! He devours it and it helps to keep his bowls moving and his energy up. Designed for renal failure cats and so the protein is hydrolysed which means my meat allergy cat safely eat it without it upsetting him.
    Other cats in the house also love to get a sip of Bart’s special treat! Delighted with the product.